That missing piece

Morris Electric is a publishing company in Norway that draws on the organic sounds and inventive catalogue from Snaxville Recordings and Norwegian Grammy Award Winner Amund Maarud.

Collaborators include Jace Everett, Weston Boys and Kim E. Bergseth in a wide variety of world class musicians and songwriters including Snaxville´ s own Henrik Maarud. 

We also collaborate with Who's The Boss Music in Chicago, US.

Our combined CV´s include placements on Titans and Lilyhammer on HBO, The Oprah Show, Harpo Productions, TBS, Philip Morris, Dr. Phil, American Express, Netflix, Nrk, Tv2, True Blood and Norway´s National Theatre.

We can be that missing piece you are looking for to make your pictures pop.

We compose unique music for your project.

How can we help YOU?

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